Anna-Louise Cole is readying herself for her role debut as Turandot in Graeme Murphy’s spine-tingling production for Opera Australia. It’s a fitting trajectory for the gifted Australian soprano, whose first ever appearance on stage was in the casual chorus of Turandot for Melbourne Opera. She also made her debut as a full-time chorister in the opera. When she takes to the stage for OA in March, it will also mark her first appearance at the Sydney Opera House. 

Anna-Louise Cole

Anna-Louise Cole. Photo © Hugh Stewart/Halls Lane Portraits

Though seemingly written in the stars, Cole’s path to the tower of the icy princess hasn’t been straightforward. 

Speaking to Limelight, Cole has just completed a gruelling 90-minute vocal coaching session at The Opera Centre. There is not a hint of tiredness in her beautifully modulated voice, which runs like the silk of Turandot’s robes – light yet strong, shimmering yet shot with a myriad shades and punctuated with hearty laughs. Like silk, it has taken a long time to craft.