Hungarian piano star Havasi is about to return to Australia for the first time since he played the Sydney Opera House in 2017.

Famous for his blending of classical and pop elements and a unique approach to staging a solo piano concert (leather jackets and rock star hair; giant LED screens; visual effects and lots of audience interaction), Havasi is all about connection, entertainment and ensuring his audience has a great night out.

Haavasi. Photo supplied

Limelight grabbed a few moments of Havasi’s time to quiz him on his approach to music making and his unashamed embrace of the popular.

First, let’s share with our readers a little about your formative musical years. You trained in what has been described as a “rigorous classical music system”. What was life and music training like for a kid growing up in Hungary around that time of transition from People’s Republic to democracy?

Growing up in Hungary during this period was a fantastic experience for me, a unique blend of tradition and change. The classical music system there was indeed rigorous, but also excellent. I really owe all my success to the Hungarian...