Sound and space illuminate presence.

When was the last time you stopped and noticed yourself? How often do you reflect on where you are, and how your body exists in time and space? What does it mean to be truly present?

Many of this month’s works paint exquisite sound into space and silence. Whether through electronics or acoustic means, whether drawing from classical, jazz or other musical languages you can hear the space and contemplation in their work.

I think my favorite juxtaposition on this topic is the progression from Compassion (Adam Simmons) to Salt (Alice Humphries) to Lumen (Richard Meale) – a similar feel despite differing practices. Each of these soundworlds centre us in an endless expanse as music drifts to sonic horizons.

Repetition is another element that grounds this playlist – the ever-evolving nature of Soluble Sun by Rae Howell and Erik Griswold’s Time Crystals ground us in a different way. Each repeat (slightly altered) focuses our ear on what exactly changes, and what remains. James Ledger’s The Spirit Among Us and Matthew Hindson’s Speed Re-Orchestral Mix do similarly with heavy influence from electronic genres.