Classical selections for every season, electronic music pioneers, and contemporary Australian works – what playlists have Limelight readers been listening to and loving in 2023?

1# – Wendy Carlos

Our playlist celebrating the works of electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos tops the bill in 2023. In our cover story for our May 2023 issue, Limelight delved into the innovation and variety of Carlos’s career ahead of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Will Gregory Moog Ensemble’s five-star performance in A Clockwork Orange and Beyond.


The cover for our May 2023 issue: A Minimoog Model D synthesizer by Moog Music Inc, New York, USA, 1970–1972.

Spanning arrangements of Bach’s biggest hits for synthesiser and the acclaimed scores for Tron and A Clockwork Orange, Carlos’s body of work is quite difficult to seek out online today. Our playlist collects some of her biggest hits from across different recordings and film soundtracks in one convenient...