Australian composer Christopher Larkin is a fan of the Cate Blanchett movie Tár – right up to that final sequence when conductor Lydia (Blanchett) is shown conducting an orchestra through a program of video game music.

In the context of the film, it’s difficult to read it as anything else but a snapshot of an artist exiled from the ‘great’ music she loves. Conducting video game music as a form of punishment; a penance to be done.

“I have some pretty mixed feelings about that scene,” Larkin says. “I don’t think it really hits the mark for the grand scope of what video game music can do. It’s painted as a lowbrow form, whereas in fact, there is a lot of very exciting stuff happening musically and some really gifted composers working in it, people like Austin Wintory and Lena Raine.”

“Music in gaming can be every bit as moving, melodic and evocative as anything you can find anywhere else.”

Christopher Larkin

Christopher Larkin. Photo supplied.

Alongside music by Wintory and Raine, music from Larkin’s score to the hit Australian indie game Hollow Knight is about to get a live, grand-scale orchestral...