When I was growing up, Mum and Dad had classical music playing 24/7 – and they still do – but it was all crowd-pleasing stuff, which is not to diminish it. My father very much latched onto The Three Tenors. Even though I don’t know much about opera, there’ll still be certain things I can hum. My dad performed in amateur musicals. One of my earliest memories is seeing him do Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. He was dressed up and in make-up, but it was absolutely normal.

I learned a few instruments growing up, but the only time my mum went “you’ll thank me when you’re older” was with the piano. I still remember the egg timer that was on top of it, which she would flip. It was not one you could force to go quicker. I know because I tried. But I absolutely do thank her for that. I also learned saxophone and went to an Indigenous boarding school in Broome for a while and the boys there taught me guitar. I don’t play any instrument well, but it’s enough to get me by and to be able to learn new material.