Music can evoke powerful specific emotional response. When the Southern Cross Soloists approached me for the work that is now Secrets, the wonderful Tania [Frazer, Artistic Director] had heard a piece of mine that was written back in 2014. Tania asked if I would be willing to write an arrangement of or something similar to the work, at which I jumped at the opportunity to take something from a very young, compositionally ‘green’ Natalie Nicolas composer, and adapt parts of it into a whole new piece six years later.

Natalie NicolasComposer Natalie Nicolas

The original work that this was derived from, was written during my Honours studies at the Conservatorium of Music. Music has always been an outlet to feel for me. I believe that it has this power for many people – it’s a tool for catharsis, emotional evocation, and emotional regulation.

Music has the power to raise or lower our heart-rate through rhythmic entrainment, make us tap our feet through sensorimotor synchronisation, regulate our breathing, lower our systolic blood pressure, make us feel emotions associated with the experience we’ve historically...